Kodiak Oms

Kodiak Oms


KODIAK Oms is an Execution and Order Management System. KODIAK Oms users can manage the full trading life cycle - from capturing client instructions, placing orders on the market to back office allocation.


Traders, sales traders, market makers, middle office, compliance officers and risk


Market Data

KODIAK client displays real time market data from the Nasdaq-OMX exchange.

Users can follow real time market data using watch lists, market depth and trade ticker controls.

Watch List

Create multiple watch lists and add any instrument to the watch list

Market Depth

View the market depth of instrument

Trade Ticker

View all trades when they happen



Market Order Management

Traders can manage market orders in KODIAK. Traders can create manual orders that are placed with other brokers and also route DMA orders directly to exchanges or other brokers. Market orders can be modified and cancelled at the click of a mouse.

  • Order Entry
    • Electronic orders
    • Manual orders
  • Route Market Orders to multiple brokers or exchanges
  • Cancel and Modify Market Orders
  • Create manual fills/trades for manual orders
  • Attach one or many market orders to client orders
  • Split a market order to client orders
  • Monitor market orders in a single order book
  • Monitor all trades
  • Monitor execution status in real-time
  • View market order details and print a report
  • Watch market orders that are created in other trading applications
  • View History of market orders


Client Order Management

Traders or sales people can manage client orders in KODIAK.

  • Create client orders
    • Advice
    • Direct
  • Validate customer customers MiFID classification before creating a client order
  • View MiFID profile when creating a client order
  • Add settlement instructions and fees to client orders
  • Route client order to brokers or exchanges
  • Create multiple child orders
  • Cancel or modify client orders
  • Receive client orders from other systems through API
  • Reject incoming client orders
  • Monitor all client orders in a single order book
  • Monitor all client orders in real-time
  • Client order audit trail and execution time stamps
  • Search through a history of client orders

Market Making

  • Manage Multiple Orders in the Quote window
  • Cancel and fill functionality

Customer View

  • View customers portfolio in real-time


Client Order Management

  • Allocate to a single customer
  • Allocate a client order to many customers
  • Send customer preliminary note in a email after allocation
  • Add fees and commission when allocating
  • Allocate as a forward contract
  • Tag the allocation as a "House" if the customers counter party is the bank

Yield Calculator

  • Calculate clean price, dirty price and the yield for Icelandic bonds

MiFID Compliance

  • Time stamp of client-, market orders and trades
  • Customer MiFID classification
  • Pre- trade MiFID compliance
  • Fulfill MiFID for each order
  • View MiFID Profile and tests
  • Capture customers order instructions
  • Capture a market data snapshot when creating a client order
  • MiFID trade type for each order
  • Direct
  • Advice

Trade Report Management

  • View sent and received trade reports
  • Trader can send an internal trade report to the exchange


  • Auto complete instrument search
  • Auto complete customer search